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Jeremy Bates

Greg Gitschier

Greg Gitschier

Jeremy has over 25 years of experience, with roles including operations director for the largest international security-management and consulting firm, police investigator, district loss prevention manager, undercover investigator, risk/security consultant and a criminal justice adjunct instructor. He served with the 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and as a Military Police investigator. For years, Jeremy has served corporations across North America, including countless Fortune companies. Jeremy is also a KY Concealed Weapons instructor and a Louisville Armed Security Firearms Instructor.

Greg Gitschier, 30 years of professional law enforcement and security consulting experience.

Greg Gitschier

Greg Gitschier

Greg Gitschier

Greg has served in numerous roles, such as Jefferson County (KY) Police Officer (Patrol/Detective) - 6 years, Louisville Metro Police Mayor's Protection Detail - 5 years, Retired United States Secret Service, Department of Treasury / Homeland Security, Senior Special Agent, Task Force Supervisor and Adjunct Professor in Law Enforcement and Terrorism classes. Active in the community, he is the Executive/Board of Director Kids Cancer Alliance.  In 2010, Greg was ordained as a Roman Catholic Permanent Deacon in the Archdiocese of Louisville.   


Eric Dean

Jesse Ordunez

Jesse Ordunez

Eric brings with him 10 years of study with the Kentucky Army National Guard’s Marksmanship Training Unit. He has participated in events from close quarters rifle and pistol events to long range rifle events and has earned the U.S. Army's Gold Distinguished Pistol Award and the silver Distinguished Rifle Award, among many others.  Eric is involved, on a full-time basis, with the U.S. Army’s Pre-Mobilzation Training Assessment Element. Eric has attended pistol courses with Riposte, RangeMaster, Gunsite, Tactical Response, and the Kentucky National Guard's Weaponcraft Instructor's Course. Eric has trained over 10,000 people in civilian, military, and Law Enforcement fields.  


Jesse Ordunez

Jesse Ordunez

Jesse Ordunez

Jesse is an expert in the difficult field of Weaponcraft. His years of training with the US military, AIM, Gunsite and others has placed him in many challenging situations of which he has performed admirably. Jesse served in the US Army as an MP before retiring.   After being on both ends of the rifle more than once, he brings real world experience to training. The most notable being The Palm Sunday Ambush on March 20, 2005.  Some of his military jobs consisted of PSD, Convoy Security, Corrections, Force Protection, Quick Reaction Force and Route Clearing and Security.  Jesse has countless training certifications.


Proven track record with corporate investigations. Drug, theft and undercover investigations.

Proven Experience

Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we provide services throughout North America. The team at ARS has countless years of experience in Law Enforcement (federal, municipal, state and military), Military Special Operations, Security Consulting, Executive Protection, Management and Training. Our professionals have been carefully selected and proven through a tight network and countless assignments with consistent success.

Excellent customer service with security consulting.

Our Approach

For starters, we assure complete confidentiality in all that we do and remain focused on providing the best services possible.  From our initial meeting, we strive to completely understand your concerns and develop effective and efficient solutions to provide you piece of mind. With our vast experience, we are equipped to handle any situation presented to us.

Proven security experience.  Professional risk management. Employee terminations.

Why Us?

Combined Experience:

  • 55 years law enforcement (military, municipal, state and federal)
  • 65 years security consulting
  • Our client list consists of the largest Global Security Firms, Fortune Companies, Small and Large Corporations, Universities, Schools, School Districts and Churches.
  • Based in Louisville KY, we serve clients throughout North America.

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